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Four reasonsChoose four big reasons fei county strong wood industry forever

Production,Processing,The sale is a bodyIntegrated

The baseThe factoryBrand marketing

Their own packing plate production base + Sandwich plate factory + Wood plastic factory +Has its own production
Processing plant + Their own"Fei county strong forever"Brand marketing


Processing customized,Zero risk,To ensure the quality

Product is the same as the log processing performance,Can nail、Drilling、Can be cut、Adhesive,With nails or fixed bolt connection,The surface is smooth and fine、No need for sanding and painting,Its good paint adhesion,Can also according to individual be fond of painting。

Supply of goodsSupply of goods

But the four seasons

Has two large production base,Professional production and sales of packaging board、Secondary molding sandwich plate、Ecological wood、Plastic wood plate, etc

PriceThe price

With the quality,The same conditions,The price is lower

Bulk purchasing,Assembly line production,Mass marketing,Packaging board、Sandwich plate、Wood plastic custom sales,The price is lower!

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Shandong linyi merrill lynch wood industry co., LTD    Shandong fei county forever strong wood industry co., LTD is located in linyi“Logistics”,“China plate”Linyi,Since2008Factory since years specializing in the production of sales packaging board、Secondary molding sandwich plate、Ecological wood、Fire door plank、Melamine door plank、Plastic wood plate, etc。The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Complete availability,Is a professionalPacking plate manufacturersProfes sional manufacturersPlastic wood factory

    The company relies on exquisite craft,Excellent product quality,After years of production packaging board,Sandwich plate,Ecology plastic wood,Has accumulated rich experience in actual combat,Integrates the production and sales of plate manufacturers。

    The packing plate production at present,Sandwich plate,Ecological wood plastic have been sold to various regions,And by the new and old customers satisfied,Praise。

    We will continue the steadfast,Constant innovation,Every moment of the refinement of product,Every moment to improve efficiency,Do technical essence,High quality!To achieve customer satisfaction trust and win-win result,Welcome new and old customers call to discuss cooperation。


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Linyi in shandong fei county strong wood industry co., LTD

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The phone:13864970798


Address:Linyi city fei county agent interpretation of industrial park(Door Chai Buzhuang and prosperity327The national highway road100M Lucy)

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