Ciic website News
The news public opinion work earnestly implement the xi jinping in the party's general secretary symposium important speech,Improving the spread of news work force、Guiding force、Influence and credibility。

Ciic website Sunshine party construction
The party's voice,Close party-masses relationship,To promote the party's work,Show the party's image。

Ciic website Governing dynamics
To a sasac's official website,The integration of state-owned assets supervision and administration commission and the central enterprise network media positions,Set up information linkage mechanism,Linkage central and state-owned assets supervision and administration of important information in a timely manner,Spread the mainstream voice,Expand the publicity effect。

Ciic website Seventy birthday
2019Years is the founding of the People's Republic of China70The anniversary,Is to build a well-off society in an all-round way、The key to achieve the first goal in one hundred years,The company is in the reform and development of the new historical starting point“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”The key year of strategic planning objectives。

Ciic website Cooperation and communication
Sincere cooperation、Helping each other、The combination,Grow up together。