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Shandong rui shuoThe speed reducerThe speed reducer co., LTD is a professional design production factory,I company for many years,For the vast number of usersShandong reducerScrew liftPlanar enveloping reducerAnd so on_Products,Quality guarantee and performance for users,At the same time,In addition to the production of standard types of reducer,You can also provide non-standard custom services。Rui shuo, the products are widely used in iron and steel、Metallurgy、Rubber and plastic、Food、Drink、Building、Printing、The packing、Lifting、Textiles、Chemical industry、Environmental protection、Logistics、Warehousing and other industries,We will warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to negotiate、The choose and buy,Rui shuo become friends for your career![In more detail]

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Shandong rui shuoThe speed reducerCo., LTD., operating for many years,In addition to the productionShandong reducerScrew liftPlanar enveloping reducerAnd other products,At the same time to provide users with thoughtful service,To use in the user's each stage can provide timely and quick service,Meet the requirements of different users。 Welcome the masses of customers、Calls、Your letter or to our factory for on-site inspection,Our company will be warm reception,Convenient for the customer provides everything,To solve the problem of the all the customers in a timely manner!
Corporate philosophy:Strives for the survival by the quality、Seek development by innovation
The company spirit:Professional integrity、Pursuit_
Company style:Rapid response、Action immediately、You can do today until tomorrow
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Shandong rui shuo reducer、Planar enveloping reducer、Screw lift以质取胜,Spot supply!
The name of the company:Texas shuo reducer co., LTD Sales address:Dezhou city high-tech zone
Contacts:Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter A mobile phone:18605340655 The phone:0534-2258838
The mailbox:18605340655@163.com QQ:2780353730 
Technology center:18653473836 Enterprise website:http://www.zatoufa.cn
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