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Anhui wuhu longhai greenhouses co., LTD Anhui wuhu longhai greenhouses co., LTD. Is located in the Yangtze river and the coast of wuwei county in anhui province,Since its inception,Consider for the customer in line with,Continuously by the high quality and low price and in place of after-sales service to win the market,The company has a strong technical backbone team,In the broad masses of farmers in the small garden bamboo canopy frame on the basis of,Introduced is suitable for this area of cultivation of vegetablesGPSeries of farmland hot dip galvanized steel canopy,Mainly in anhuiPCThe sunlight greenhouse、Anhui in greenhouse greenhouses, etc。 The company to shed body has made several improvements,Selection of raw materials,Now USES a high strength,Toughness good high-frequency welded pipe plus...
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A、The structure of greenhouse The structure of greenhouse:Heat preservation、Insulated wall、Steel frame、Films、Ventilation volume membrane、Shutter machine、Heat preservation。 2、The greenhouse management operation specification and matters needing attention: Greenhouses steel pipe maintenance and matters needing attention: At every time of replacement of plastic,For greenhouses steel pipe inspection,Found a steel skeleton must carry on the repair welding welding place,Make sure of steel reinforcement。If discover steel frame Have started to rust,To paint in a timely manner,General is in the change of plastic paint on steel frame to the whole,To extend the service life of the steel frame。 The maintenance and matters needing attention of greenhouse plastic: 1、Check if the anch